Residential Electrician Services

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Prime Electric Service trucks are used by electricians for residential and commercial jobs.

Prime Electric has a crew of skilled residential electricians.  Since 2009, our residential electricians have been helping home owners maintain their home electrical systems.   Our electricians are trained to be thorough and clean, leaving your home operating smoothly and looking tidy.

Below are listed the most frequently requested residential electrician jobs. There are certainly many more jobs not listed! Give us a call or send a message to set up a free consultation.

Service Upgrade

Service upgrades increase the ampacity of a home to accommodate more electrical needs.  Typically, homes with existing fuse panels, or circuit breaker panels under 200 amps need to be updated. 

Fuse panels require service upgrades. Beyond not having enough power, insurance companies will no longer insure homes with fuse panels.

Service upgrades usually take our electricians 1 day to complete.  Our electricians are well trained in the necessities of service upgrades and do their best to have the electrical inspection and power hook up scheduled the same day.

Branch Circuit Problem

If you repeatedly trip a breaker or need to replace a fuse, then this is a strong indication of a branch circuit problem.  Branch circuit issues can be a safety concern.  It means that the ampacity being used by the devices plugged in is greater than the breaker can handle.  Our electricians will assess the scenario and tell you the most cost-effective solution. 

Sub-Panel Installation

Sub-panels are a convenient solution for adding circuits.  A sub-panel is fed from the main panel. It adds more space and efficiency for you circuits.  It is great to use for garages, additions, and remodels.  Adding a sub panel is a cost effective way to handle branch circuit issues and not cut into the budget.  Whenever possible our electricians advise customers on the least expensive method to complete a task.

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan by residential electrician | Prime Electric LLC
Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is a great addition to any room. They can reduce heating and cooling cost, add lighting, and increase the comfort of a room.  Ceiling fans come in a variety of sizes and styles to suite any preference.  Our electricians will ensure that your ceiling fans have the power and support they need to function properly in your home. 

Interior Lighting

The addition of new light fixtures can transform the ambiance of your home.  Commonly we see people adding recessed (canned) lights to basements, kitchens, and living spaces.  Installing fun light fixtures is a great way to spruce up your home without going over budget.

Kitchen lighting by residential electrician | Prime Electric LLC
Interior lighting and remodeling.

Exterior Lighting

From security lighting to landscape lighting, our electricians have you covered. Security motion lights are a great way to protect your home from unwanted intruders.  Adding landscape lights to the front and back of a home increases curb appeal and enhances nighttime aesthetics.  

A new trend of festoon lights is growing in popularity.  Festoon lights can transform your outdoor living space into a chic place to entertain. These warm lights are perfect on patios, decks, balconies, gazebos and docks.  They transform an entertainment area into an outdoor oasis for a low cost.  We can hang these in any style you choose, the possibilities are endless! 

Residential Electrician | Outdoor Lighting | Prime Electric
Patio Lights

Auto Charging Stations

Buy an electric car? No matter the brand (Tesla, Nissan, Ford, BMW, Volkswagen, Kia, Chevrolet, etc.) Prime Electric can install your home charging port.  The most common issue with home charging stations is customers buying stations that require more electricity than their home can currently provide. We can present a proposal stating what your home can commit power wise for a charging station and help you select an appropriate port.  This way you can be up and running faster with a charger appropriate to your home power.   

Our Mission

Prime Electric electricians will always meet with our customers free of charge to discuss their projects. Finding a residential electrician you trust can be a difficult process.  Maybe you are unsure what the electrical problem is, or if an electrician is the person to fix it? Or maybe you are worried about being overcharged.  Whatever your concern, the electricians at Prime Electric understand these fears, and will walk you through the scope of the work in layman’s terms.  We don’t expect you to know about the electrical, that’s our job.  Prime Electric electricians are here to help you fix up your home stress free.