Commercial Electrician

Prime Electric offers a wide range of commercial electrical services.  Examples spread from small routine maintenance and lighting upgrades to low voltage system integrations and new building construction.

Over our years of business we have collaborated with many contractors for smooth completion of commercial projects.  In these large scale projects we actively participate in troubleshooting issues, and tying up loose ends that naturally occur. We enjoy working with our customers to make their vision a reality. 

Exterior Electrical Lighting | Prime Electric LLC
Commercial Electrical Exterior Lighting

Interior and Exterior Lighting

Remove old and outdated lighting for modern, energy efficient fixtures. Retrofitting from fluorescent to LED is a great energy saving practice. And upgrading doesn’t have to be expensive!  Prime Electric is a Trade Ally with Focus on Energy.  We can facilitate rebates to help you save money on your new lighting installations.

Exterior landscape lights add great nighttime ambiance to buildings. Architectural landscape lighting can span the entire building or focus on areas of interest. In addition, exterior lighting also adds a level of security by increasing the nighttime visibility.

Many buildings we work on require exterior security lighting and pole lighting in parking lots, and entry ways.  Our commercial electricians can help your building look great and be more secure.

Exterior Up-Lighting | Prime Electric LLC
Exterior Up-Lighting

Commercial Tenant Build Out

If you lease a commercial space, our electricians can change the lighting to fit your needs.  You don’t have to change your interior design because the light fixtures are in the wrong place.  Our electricians can assist you in redesigning the lighting layout to make your space fit your needs.

New Building Construction

All Prime Electric electricians can work off blueprints that have been approved for your building.  We enjoy working with the owner/customer to ensure their vision is built properly.  Our team will easily coordinate with other trades and general contractors to keep projects on time and on budget.

Low Voltage

Low Voltage electrical pertains to electrical work under 120 volts.  This is typically equipment that communicates information, such as cameras, security, data cabling, and fire alarm systems.  Prime Electric can also handle network cabling for computer systems.

Our team has extensive experience with low voltage projects, both small and large. From home security lighting and garage door contacts, all the way to full blown 350,000 sq ft security systems that monitor every inch of space. Also, in these large projects we have had success in troubleshooting independent systems to work collectively. No matter your project size, we are here to help.

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Whether you are looking for small maintenance work or large scale projects, Prime Electric has the experience and skill to finish the job.